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The Bulletin

March 6, 2022

Home of four
Past District Governors
Jim Squire
Frank Bentley,
Ralph Thurmond,
and Barry Smith


March is Water and Sanitation Month

Our Rotary Family

3/10 Zac Boswell
3/11 Joe Jones


3/8 Jack Willis, III (36)
3/29 Jim Squire (14)

Rotary Online


Sandy Springs

Mondays, 12:15 pm
Sandy Springs, Georgia
Hilton Perimeter Suites
6120 Peachtree Dunwoody Road, NE
Sandy Springs, GA 30328


President Nancy Schroeder
President-Elect Scott Einfeldt
Treasurer John Neill
Secretary Scott Einfeldt
Membership Bill Snellings
Foundation Will MacArthur

President Nancy Schroeder's Welcome Message

On behalf of the Rotary Club of Sandy Springs, I welcome you to visit our club and experience the Rotary Club of Sandy Springs' hospitality and energy. We meet on Monday for lunch at 12:15 p.m. to 1:15 p.m. at the Hilton Perimeter Suites, 6120 Peachtree Dunwoody Road, Sandy Springs, GA 30328. You can reserve a spot by going to our website at www.sandyspringsrotary.org. Join your fellow professionals, and community and business leaders, and learn how Rotary can fit in your future. Enjoy Rotary and Serve to Change Lives!

Past Program
Eden E. Freeman - City Manager of Sandy Springs

February 28th, 2022  Sandy Springs City Manager Eden Freeman visited the Sandy Springs Rotary Club to give an update on her new role and her plan for Sandy Springs.

Freeman started out by sharing the "3 P's" she lives her life by and will use to lead in her new role as City Manager: Promise, Perseverance, and Principle.


While 2021 was a trying year for many communities across the U.S., Freeman highlighted some of the important improvements and changes the City of Sandy Springs was able to accomplish. A few key accomplishments mentioned were:

  • Passing of the Party House ordinance and stiffer penalties for those who have "Party House" events in Sandy Springs.
  • Lifting of mask requirements, in line with CDC recommendations, to get the community back to normal quicker.
  • Distribution of $1.6 million through the small business relief program to help businesses most effected by COVID in the Sandy Springs community
  • Improvement to the city election rules to have one election every 4 years that would in turn save an estimated $130,000.00.

Freeman discussed seven of her top priorities for 2022 to continually improve life for the citizens of Sandy Springs including:

  1. Improvement of customer service and citizen engagement, including improvements to the permitting process and getting feedback from the community.
  2. Deliver the highest quality Public Safety Services: Currently, Sandy Springs has an IS02 rating that will be moving to an ISO1 in 2022 to lower insurance insurance premiums and better protect citizens. In addition, gateway signs will be put up over the next three months to mark clear boundaries for the City of Sandy Springs.
  3. Enhance multimodal transportation and accessibility and maintain a high community appearance: Specific areas of focus will be graffiti and potholes. In the month of January 177 potholes were repaired in Sandy Springs.
  4. Economic Development in the North End with an emphasis on attracting retail.
  5. Recreational and cultural enrichment including improvement to the City Springs Performing Arts Center and creating more art opportunities for the community.
  6. Promote sustainable growth and foster environmental stewardship.
  7. Ensure long term water reliability.

Thank you for coming to speak to the Club and congratulations on your new role Eden!

To provide feedback or learn more about the City of Sandy Spring citizens can call the Citizens Response Center at 770-730-5600 or visit: https://www.sandyspringsga.gov/

Next Meeting
Eric Levitan - CEO of Vivo

Eric Levitan will be visiting the Sandy Springs Rotary Club at our next meeting on March 7th.

Eric is the founder and CEO of Vivo. He loves building businesses, solving problem and creating a culture of engagement where employees enjoy coming to work every day. He has a CEO track record of creating operational efficiency, strong client relationships, and employee engagement.

As the founder and CEO of Vivo, Eric left corporate America after more than 25 years of working in technology and running software companies to try to positively impact people’s lives and make a difference in the world. As he witnessed the decline in quality of life of his own parents as they were getting older, he realized he wanted to better understand the aging process and help them.

He discovered that as we age, we naturally lose muscle mass which is a primary contributor to a reduced quality of life and loss of independence, as well as leading to numerous age-related maladies such as falls, type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis, and more. However, consistently engaging in a strength training program reverses age-related muscle loss and is the number one factor in maintaining a high quality of life and independence as we age.

This knowledge is at the heart of why I started Vivo – to create awareness and a safe, engaging, and impactful program to guide older adults to a better life.