Using vaccines for Polio eradication

Every year the Sandy Springs Education Force puts on a STEAM showcase at North Springs High School. The public is invited and the showcase creates opportunities for students to engage with exhibitors focusing on science, technology, engineering, arts & math. It was virtual this year. RCSS was a sponsor in the event held March 17 to benefit the students and parents of North Springs High School and show how vaccines have been used effectively to almost eradicate a global virus. The club donated $1k as a sponsor and produced a 22 min. video which compiled and summarized the history of polio and RI's global eradication efforts since 1979 using RI End Polio & TRF branding with portions of RI & other polio videos. On 3/17 the club also held 4 hours of zoom meetings with students and others to answer questions about polio and Rotary. The video is available below and via online links at SSEF, RCSS websites and FB pages. RCSS annually contributes to the support of SSEF educational programs. In the past we did not exhibit at the showcase but in the future the club can maintain this as a sustainable project by exhibiting other Rotary projects such as the technology of water purification and examples of Rotarians providing clean water in underserved communities. Given the number of attendees the showcase generates good publicity & exposure.

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