Used Medications and Needles Collection Boxes

Following a proposal by the club the City of Sandy Springs has approved a program beginning in April 2021 to have collection boxes located in two fire stations for the public to bring in used prescriptions or other meds/schedule 1 drugs/banned substances as well as used needles/syringes during business hours. The contents will be picked up and properly disposed of by a approved contractor (Stericycle). The Rotary club is funding the entire cost of the program which initially will be for one year. Media coverage to begin in April and the program and RCSS will be highlighted in the City's websites and public notices. This is a valuable service project for the community. Many people just flush drugs down the drain and throw exposed needles in the trash. Most drug stores allow collection of used meds but not needles. Proper disposal of these items protects trash collectors from injury and eliminates damage to river wildlife. Sustainability of this project depends on the community's usage of the boxes and the annual cost. A $3,000 District Community Grant is initially funding this project.

Partner Involvement
City of Sandy Springs - approved the contractor and executed the contract with Stericycle and the city.