Past Program
Mark Johnson - Professional Mentalist, Mind Reader and Psychic entertainer

June 6th, 2022 The Rotary Club of Sandy Springs was entertained by the many mind blowing(and sometimes mind reading) tricks of the Mr. Mark Johnson!

Mark Johnson is a professional mentalist, mind reader and psychic entertainer. He performs his stage show for associations, conventions, colleges and universities, non-profits, business groups and more. He will tell you, your guests and your audience what they're thinking. He'll reveal the name of your first pet, a childhood friend, hometown, or the serial number of a $1 bill picked at random.

Thank you for coming to visit the Rotary Club of Sandy Springs, Mark!

Visit https://www.bookece.com/artists/mark-johnson  learn more about Mark and how you can have him at your own event.

Posted by Zac Boswell
June 13, 2022 9:00am


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